Career Kickstarter
The market is tough, and we know many brilliant creatives are often overlooked for agency roles. To turn the tables, for one day only, we have teamed up with Creative Mentor Network to give away our time to support job seekers from all backgrounds.
Book a 30-minute virtual meeting with one of our team to discuss one of the following subjects:
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Interview technique
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Social and creator marketing agency job roles
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CV clinic
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Cover letter workshop
When is Career Kickstarter?

6th September, 2023.

How do you book your meeting?

Follow this link and find a slot that suits you.

Career Kickstarter is for everyone

Whatever your background, wherever you are in your work life, if you’d like to get to know about agency life, this is for you.

Not got a degree? Doesn’t matter.

Got a masters? Doesn’t matter.

This is for everyone whether you’re looking for your first break or trying to shift careers.

We welcome and encourage applications from people from underrepresented backgrounds (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity and socioeconomic).

What you need to prepare

This is your time with the team, so we suggest coming prepared with a few questions and have your Microsoft Teams set up ahead of the meeting. Be logged in, camera on and ready to go so we don’t miss a second to chat.

Meet the team

Lucy Robertson
Head of Marketing
Lucy oversees sales and the agency’s brand marketing. Previously, US Business Director, she has a wealth of experience working client-side too.
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Lucy Morris
Snr Brand Manager
Lucy started her career in journalism, working for magazines and newspapers, before pivoting to brand strategy and creative until eventually landing agency side and building out the brand profile of Connects.
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Nathan Bickerton
Senior Account Executive
Nathan is a social and creator expert. He is the first to know about all new tools and trends, providing expertise for clients like Gü, Extra and Mars Wrigley.
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Amelia Hobson
Account Manager
Amelia is one of our ‘do-ers’ on our eBay portfolio, working with creators and celebrities, driving the success of campaigns and experiential activations.
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Imii Mace
Imii always knows what’s trending and is an expert at getting brands central to the social conversation.
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Denis Erturan
Research and Insights Lead
Denis is our in-house paid media and insights expert, amplifying our campaigns to millions around the world and making sure they cut through.
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Charlee Elson
Senior Account Manager
Charlee started off in our UK office before crossing the ocean to our NYC team. She has tons of hands-on account management experience.
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Lisa Johnson
Design Lead
Lisa is a creative wizard who designs with strategy, taste and skill for all our clients.
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Lisa Bent
Head of HR
What Lisa doesn’t know about the hiring and interview process is not worth knowing. As the first point of contact for any new hire, pick Lisa’s brain to see what she looks for in candidates.
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Athena Herr
Office Manager and PA
If you'd like to speak to someone who has just got their foot on the first rung of the agency ladder, chat to Athena. She'll be sharing about her journey so far and what's most surprised her about agency life.
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