Long-form content is making a comeback

After increasing the video length on the platform to 15 minutes back in October, TikTok has increased its post limit again – this time to 30 minutes. The most recent rollout signals the app’s continued shift towards long-form content in a bid for brands and creators to build more personal connections.  

Following the resurgence of online communities, and the return of live-stream shopping for the digital age (we see you, TikTok shop), long-form content is having a moment. And it’s no wonder, with long-form, brands can provide deeper insights, tell richer stories, and engage audiences in more meaningful and immersive ways.

Platforms are focusing on user retention, therefore long-form content is crucial. After all, TikTok users reportedly spend half of their time on the app watching videos that are over 60 seconds long. Now, brands are finally starting to recognise the value of longer content as a complement to their short-form strategies – short-form videos capture attention and push a CTA, but it’s the longer content that drives higher conversion rates and develops a strong connection between brand or creator and consumer.

TikTok’s own stats showed that creators who embraced longer content experienced a fivefold increase in followers over the last six months, surpassing those focused on shorter content. And it’s long been known that Google’s algorithm favours long-form content – including video – so it’s good for your SEO too.

Publishing longer videos can help you to reach more viewers – especially those looking for more in-depth content not achievable in 15 seconds. Instead of just looking at your finish metrics (which is more important with shorter videos), consider users’ length of viewing, you’ll probably find people are spending more time on your content overall.

For a recent campaign with eBay we partnered with established watch creator Bark & Jack to promote the watches category on YouTube. Despite being 7 minutes long, the content produced, an unboxing and storytelling piece, achieved a staggering 775K impressions.

Meanwhile, last month’s viral 50-part (yes 50) TikTok series by @reesamteesa has racked up over a million views on every single video. Did we mention they are each around ten minutes long – spanning nearly eight hours’ worth of content. Proving that there is a demand for long-form content on the ever-evolving platform.  

Choosing short or long video will depend on several factors, but a combination of both can help build trust with your viewers through more connection. This renaissance offers brands and creators an exciting opportunity to dive deeper into their niches and embrace more immersive narratives. By collaborating with creators who lean into storytelling, brands can captivate their audiences, drive meaningful engagement, and stay ahead of the curve.


From Reesa Teesa's 50-part TikTok series, to Paris' 10-minute ad for Hilton hotels, long-form content is having a moment. Find out our thoughts on why we're set to see more of this rich storytelling.


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