Why Collaborations Work

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, where social media platforms often dictate a brand's visibility, LUSH made headlines in 2021 by taking a bold step—quitting social media altogether.The move left many wondering how the cosmetics company would maintain its online presence and engage with its audience. Surprisingly, LUSH not only remained visible across online platforms, but they thrived, thanks to a strategic focus on collaborations.

In 2023, LUSH emerged as a trailblazer in the art of collaboration, launching eight powerful partnerships with the likes of Barbie and Super Mario Bros. These have not only bolstered its brand image but also resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in new customers with each partnership, a testament to the success of this approach.

LUSH has maintained its visibility, expanded its reach, and diversified its customer base. The collaborations serve as a gateway for fans of one brand to become fans of Lush, illustrating the symbiotic relationship that can be forged through strategic partnerships.

The essence of collaboration is rooted in introducing brands to new audiences. Partnerships need to be carefully curated to align with both brand’s values and resonate with their existing customer base. Through collaborations with influencers, artists, and other brands, brands can tap into diverse markets that may have yet to be reached through conventional advertising channels.

Most collaborations are exciting and successful, but some stand out above the rest. These are the ones that leave you wondering why it took so long to put those two things together.

Let’s talk about Greggs x Primark. The two high-street staples paired up and came out with a 21-piece clothing line, including everything from branded socks to bucket hats. The collection sold out in record-breaking time, and the campaign reached 87% of the UK population. It worked because it combined two classic British brands and created something fun, unique, and new.

Other collaborations like Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons, Crocs x Balenciaga, Uber x Spotify, and Nike x Ben & Jerry’s worked because they tapped into the unexpected, creating a buzz that transcended their individual realms.The Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons collaboration seamlessly merged the world of music and coffee culture, appealing to fans of both the pop sensation and the iconic Canadian coffee chain. Meanwhile, Crocs x Balenciaga dared to blend high fashion with comfort, challenging traditional notions of luxury footwear. Uber x Spotify enhanced the ride-sharing experience by allowing users to curate their own soundtracks, transforming mundane journeys into personalised musical adventures. And who would have thought that Nike x Ben & Jerry’s would not only combine athletic prowess with ice cream indulgence but also serve up quirky, flavour-inspired sneaker designs? These collaborations succeeded because they dared to defy expectations, creating a harmonious fusion that resonated with a diverse audience, proving that sometimes the most unexpected pairings can result in the most delightful outcomes.

Collaborations serve as abridge between communities. This word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, fostering a sense of trust and authenticity often lacking in traditional advertising.

In an era where social media metrics often define success, LUSH's journey is a refreshing reminder that there are alternative paths to building a robust online presence. Collaborations have become the cornerstone of LUSH's marketing strategy, proving that authentic connections and shared values can be more influential than a well-crafted sponsored post.

As brands grapple with the challenges of navigating the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, successful collaborations serve as an inspiration. It challenges the status quo and encourages businesses to explore innovative avenues for growth. Collaborations are not just partnerships; they are the key to sustained visibility and unprecedented success in the already oversaturated world of social media.

Our main focus is to connect the right people with the right brands, which, if you ask us, is the ultimate collab. Harnessing the power of real connections and real people, brands and creators alike can achieve their goals while maintaining an authentic voice across socials.


LUSH's post-social media success highlights the importance of finding creative and exciting ways to work with other brands, TV shows, movies, and celebrities to reach new audiences and drive sales.


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