Searching for Gold with TikTok’s Most Recent Update

Last year in our industry, the stat on everyone’s lips was about how [40% of] Gen-Z are using TikTok over Google for their searches. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen TikTok working in overdrive to capitalise on this to take a bigger piece of the search ‘pie’, releasing new features and functionality not only to make it easier for users to search but also to encourage it. Since its launch, these are some of the features TikTok has released in the app that benefit search functionality:

+ Suggested searches 

+ Featuring paid ads within search 

+ Popular searches highlighted within comments

+ Extending character limit within captions to 2,200


In April last year, we saw TikTok begin to offer ‘Featured Snippets’ on specific search terms; this feature showcased enhanced results in response to search queries, displaying instructional videos and/or step-by-step guides from WikiHow. This feature really was one of the bigger plays in the search space from the platform. 


This week, we’ve seen the platform step it up a notch by rolling out some pretty major updates in its search insights functionality. These features include detailed search analytics like impressions from searches, clicks, average position and even keyword ranking data. Once again, TikTok is not only showing us that they’re listening to consumer behaviours but also that they’re verymuch positioning themselves as a critical player in the world of search marketing. 


But what does that mean for you as a brand or creator?


Being able to report on these key metrics allows you to gain a deeper insight into how people find your content and reach your brand. This further highlights the importance of making sure that your content isn’t just about a flash in the pan moment or jumping on trends - this still has a place, of course, but content that has longevity and is optimised for search can also drive some of the best results for brands. 


Ultimately, this update is a step in the right direction to ensure that creators and brands have the right tools to drive longevity for content and to be able to track this over time. Now more than ever, it's imperative to bake in a solid SEO strategy to your social strategy to truly reap the benefits of these functionalities. Being an early adopter will make all the difference, as who knows what other innovations will launch in the coming months to take this a step further. 


TikTok's new update has firmly cemented the app as the world's newest search engine, changing the way people find your content and reach your brand.


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