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Writing A Social Strategy That Connects With All Pizza Fans
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Chicago Town needed help dialling up its brand awareness and engagement on social media. The mission? Get this pizza brand front of mind with their target audience on TikTok and Instagram.


From university students to young professionals and new parents, as well as carnivores to vegans – the target demographic for Chicago Town is varied and vast. Our social strategy needed to engage each pizza lover while not isolating any in the process.


Making meaningful connections with pizza lovers on the social platforms they were already scrolling.

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Using data and insights unlocked from verified tools and social listening, we clued ourselves up on the audience's behaviour and how they approached trends across Meta, TikTok and Twitter. Unravelling their interests and interactions online we learnt the target consumer engages and follows trending topics. This fuelled our strategy to create Chicago Town-branded content that aligns with emerging platform trends. We placed the brand where their current and prospective audience already were and in a format we knew engrossed them.


We’ve seen a massive step-change in Chicago Town’s engagement and share of voice because of our activity. The client’s SOV grew by 200%, we expanded its TikTok audience by 60% in just three months and doubled their engagement rate on Instagram. This campaign is ongoing, check back soon for more brilliant results soon.

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“We go to town on everything we do, and you helped us go to town on our social media content. You understood our tone of voice and brand strategy, and have been able to drive reach and engagement by cleverly entertaining our pizza loving audience.”
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Chicago Town

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