Building a community of Rightmove fans on TikTok
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Rightmove asked us to grow their TikTok channel and presence by championing brand awareness using their “Believe it” tagline with First time buyers and renters.


Understanding our Gen Z audience on TikTok was pivotal. Users seek relatable content that entertains and informs, and so we tapped into existing communities on the app, forging connections through engaging content. We know that Gen Z aren’t just using Rightmove practically, they use the platform on a more playful level too – be it manifesting their next move or window shopping for their dream home.


To strengthen brand recall and drive brand loyalty, we strategically mapped out content to focus on all stages of the rental to purchase journey that would appeal to the younger audience on TikTok. Keeping the growth objective front and centre, we adopted a dual posting strategy & amplified with paid to drive awareness of Rightmove’s channel. Fundamental to this was working with creators whose content mixed well and resonated with Rightmove’s audience.

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We aligned our creator selection to three distinct mindsets that aligned to Rightmove’s brand personality and values; ‘chain free,’ those using Rightmove for reasons outside of the norm, ‘window shoppers’ curious of what properties are out there / playing house and ‘getting the keys’ - creators ready to move.


Rightmove’s TikTok account saw a staggering 1,127% follower growth, with 17.2K new followers gained directly from this campaign, placing it in the top 1% of growing TikTok accounts during the campaign period according to Tagger. The campaign had a total reach of 2 million and over 1 million engagements.

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