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We were tasked with driving awareness and engagement across H&M’s Divided range in their ‘Back to Campus’ period, focusing on a Gen-Z demographic. We needed to work with creators who could use the new Divided range as an inclusive invitation to their audience to make their entrance when going #BackToCampus with H&M.


Generate awareness of the new H&M Divided range while increasing their mentions and popularity across TikTok, focusing efforts on the Gen Z community. With our overarching goal being awareness, this was exceptional, with an average 111% increase against KPI metrics. With awareness as the overarching goal, TikTok's engaged audience and video-first format made sense, as well as the platform being an open door to the Gen Z community.


We needed to partner with a selection of inclusive, confident and stylish TikTok creators to create scroll-stopping content, utilising the ‘Make an Entrance’ creative. The brief called for creators who knew how to 'make an entrance,' and TikTok encourages creativity of the sort. We used multiple conversations and used various tools to vet the viability of all chosen creators.

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Creators were encouraged to choose their own pieces from the new Divided range, ensuring the content they created aligned with their unique style. Sparks Ads were activated to supply any ads-driven engagements to the creator's organic post, giving the original content a boost beyond the followership of the creators.


With 23 pieces of content, the campaign reached 2.8M people, and worked at a combined £0.05 CPE, beating primary KPI targets by 81%.

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