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Introduce Lavazza coffee to 19–24-year-olds who were unfamiliar with the brand.


As a heritage brand, Lavazza has loyal customers, but their relevance hasn’t trickled down to younger consumers. In tandem, we discovered that this gen was engaging with the emerging #foodtok trend on TikTok.


Introduce 19–24-year-olds coffee drinkers to Lavazza via hyper-relevant foodie creators, which our target audience were likely to follow.

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We knew the best way to win Lavazza a younger, Gen Z audience was to meet them where they already were: TikTok. However, Lavazza had yet to launch on the platform. A TikTok campaign for our client would be breaking new ground for the brand. To grow awareness where there wasn’t any, we tasked creators with putting their own twist on the tasty rising trend for speculoos themed recipes by creating Biscoff Iced Lattes. We were ahead of the curve and Lavazza was the first coffee brand to get involved with this rising trend.


With over 60% of TikTok’s users Gen Z and the influencers we worked with having a majority 21–28-year-old following, the campaign met its targets with the right audience. It gained a huge 8.7M impressions on TikTok with an 11% engagement rate. Not bad for Lavazza’s first foray on the platform!

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