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Driving Consumer Trial With A Social Strategy
Carte Noire and Standard Issue podcast
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Recruit and drive trial of Carte Noire with 30–45-year-olds.


With a limited budget, the brand needed help reaching new audiences to address their low conversion rate.


Build a connection between Carte Noire and 30–45-year-old coffee drinkers.

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The target audience represents a spectrum of life stages, but podcasts were identified as a key channel they all engaged with. The longer-form audio format meant when they tuned in, they were relaxed and engaged – an ideal space for brand comms. We partnered Carte Noire with 'The Standard Issue' podcast – a show that data revealed our target audience enjoyed. When the podcast was live we created content to amplify the episode on social, as well as a Voice Assistant activation that gave our audience the opportunity receive samples of the product.


The podcast went down a treat with around 5K listens to the episode and a  94% listener retention rate. This resulted in a 100% trial rate (the client ran out of samples in just 15 days). Of those customers, 32% opted in for further communications and 38% went on to claim they would purchase in the future. The campaign also delivered over 3M impressions and reached 726K women aged 25-54, which 60% aligns with the total target demographic.​

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